Great Lakes Grooming - Ghost Clay - Firm Water Based Vegan

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Great Lakes Grooming - Ghost Clay - Firm Water Based Vegan


HOLD: Medium/Firm
CONSISTENCY: Easy Application
SCENT: light and spicy citrus

Great Lakes new water based 'Ghost Clay' is a truly unique styling product, you won't find anything else like it! 

Formulated to provide a lightweight, medium to firm hold, with a matte finish that won't make your hair look dull or dusty. Made with only hair healthy, responsibly sourced ingredients Ghost Clay is vegan, cruelty free, and never tested on animals. Goes through the hair smooth, provides all day texture, and washes out easily with shampoo and warm water. 

This product is made to be finger combed, if you're tying to pull off a slick back, or a greaser style we suggest that you keep looking - you will soon find that while this product tolerates combing, that is not where it excels. 
In dry hair this product is grippy, gritty and dry to give you a wonderful finger combed texture!

Ghost clay goes beyond trying to fight with and control your environment, it adapts, its gets messy, it blows in the wind - but with a quick finger comb it falls back in line, it cleans up nicely, and it looks dashing all over again!

This is 100g jar of Ghost Clay will give you a very casual and lightweight, medium to firm hold, with no shine. Our special formulation of waxes, and oils will not only give some awesome texture to your style but create a thin protective barrier to keep your hair healthy and moisturized while protecting it from whatever mother nature throws at you during your adventures! 

light and spicy citrus with mysteriously rich undertones. It's perfect for all occasions. This scent has sweet citrus top notes that give way to the spicy floral aroma of bergamot, followed by the mysteriously rich undertones of frankincense. 

They have designed Ghost Clay to work wonderfully in your hair and not overpower your day. This scent presents itself just strong enough to be enjoyed during your styling routine, once its applied though you're pretty much on your own - we leave the rest of your day up to you.

All hair styles require some degree of training the hair. The best way to do this is to shower, wash, rinse and towel dry your hair until damp - then comb and blow dry your hair into your desired style. It will only be a rough style, but blow drying this way teaches the hair where it should go and allows your hair products to work better. Your hair should tell the product where to go, not the other way around. Ghost Clay is no exception. Towel dry, comb and blow dry for best results before applying.

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