Suavecito Firme Hold Summer 2017 Pomade

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Suavecito Firme Hold Summer 2017 Pomade


Catch some tasty waves and get your buzz going with a new radical scent from your buds at Suavecito Pomade. Dude, this smell is going to blow your mind.

These pomades are water soluble which means that they wash out with water. 

You know that style you’ve always wanted? Let’s say it’s a huge pompadour that you want, well this is the stuff that is going to make that happen for you. For sure. We got this formula here that goes into your hair super easily and then sets to your style. You then can go through your day knowing it’ll stay put so that you will never have to touch it up. That’s efficiency! That’s performance! You wouldn’t want anything less from a pomade right?

Directions: Start with some dry or damp hair. If your hair is soaking wet it’s not going to work all that great. Add some product to your hands and rub them together. Apply evenly and be sure to get the product down to the roots. Style with your comb or brush.

Fragrance Profile: Lotus Blossom, Lily, Bamboo Reeds and other top secret awesomeness. This is a very light and freedom inspiring scent. Think, a warm summer day at the beach with your favorite girl. Worn best during the summer months and pairs well with lighter scents from your aftershaves or beard oils.

  • Amazing summer scent
  • Holding power for your hair that lasts the whole day
  • Washes out with just water
  • Made in the United States
  • 4 ounces of pure amazeballs
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