It's no secret that good quality pomade is better for many reasons, but not many people realise a good quality product goes further, while initially more expensive as a purchase than some cheaper brands on the market, the actual quality of the product means you use less and in turn get better value for your money.

I recently heard from a new customer of mine and he remarked that while using his recently purchased Imperial Classic Pomade that he found he used much less than the supermarket brand he had been using, and whilst initially more expensive, he was using far less product to get the same result.

We often refer to how many grams of product you get with pomade products, most important is the quality and talent of the brewers behind those products to bring you a pomade not only to keep your hair looking good, but doing it efficiently. Whether it be a water based pomade , Oil based pomade or the latest matte clay , keep an eye on the brands that focus on quality of the product.